Awarded the HR Award 2022 in the category "Recruitment": Our Virtual Business Coach experience puts the users in the middle of a heated business meeting.




In the business world, a good meeting that keeps all the participants well informed, motivated and happy, can go a very long way towards success. On the other hand, a bad meeting that leads to dissent and leaves its participants confused, angry and unproductive, can cause a lot of real and lasting damage. So it’s important to learn the best practices of how to moderate or “steer” a meeting in the proper direction. This is where our VR tool comes in.

After putting on the VR headset, the users find themselves sitting at a table in a meeting room. During the course of the next twenty minutes they will have to moderate a meeting with four co-workers, all played by professional actors, who will do everything they can to complicate matters and create difficult situations. At critical points in the story, the 3D 360 ° video will stop and ask the user how they want to proceed.

Will they stop the quarreling colleagues? What will they say or do in order to create a productive atmosphere? How will the meeting end? In a “good” or in a “bad” way? It’s up to the users to decide.



The experience was developed to assist all kinds of people, be it trainees at the beginning of their careers or managers in the upper echelons, in aquiring the necessary skills to communicate successfully in the business world. We created it in tandem with Thomas Dorner of ps-train, a professional and highly excperienced business coach himself, who also appears in the experience, directly adressing the users, asking the tough questions they are forced to answer.

When the virtual meeting has ended, the application automatically creates a report about all the decisions the user made while experiencing it, so the app may be used in an assessment center as an additional means to gather information about a candidates skillset.

The experience came together in such a nice and meaningful way that it has become further proof that Virtual Reality will be a key ingredient in the future of education.


“With the use of virtual reality, we are taking an important step towards modern recruiting. We are looking for the best minds and digital talents, and for this we also need new tools and methods for a good selection process.
The respective decision-making behavior with regard to the previously defined core competencies provides information about the candidates’ independent and autonomous ability to act and thus provides valuable information for personnel selection.” (translated from German)

Lisa Rumpler
Wien Energie
Wien Energie VR Shooting
Wien Energie VR Shooting