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You want to race a dirtbike on your living room table? Our new Augmented Reality Experience has you covered.

Client: RED BULL



The Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble is the world’s toughest Xtreme Enduro Challenge. 500 dirtbike riders start the race around the “Iron Giant”, but only a dozen actually makes it across the finish line. This epic racing event is an annual highlight in the lives of racing fans worldwide. Of course, not everyone will be able to be there. But when the fans can’t come to the mountain, we’ll make sure the mountain comes to the fans – in glorious Augmented Reality.

The Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble AR experience is now a part of the Red Bull TV app (available for iOS and Android devices). At the heart of the experience lies a fun arcade game that gives the players direct control of an Enduro Racer taking on the various challenges the Erzberg has to offer.

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An accurate 3D model of the Erzberg serves as the main application hub. This model is divided into various checkpoints that can be accessed by a simple tap. Once a selection has been made, the mountain in front of the user is replaced by an accurate recreation of the actual zone and the race is on.

The controls are inspired by slot-car racing and very easy to grasp: Pressing and holding down a single button accelerates the bike. Letting go of the button activates the brakes. But even though the controls are very simple, the actual game is anything but easy. The button has to be pressed at exactly the right moments, in order to keep the rider from helplessly sliding down muddy slopes or falling over in tight spots.

While playing the game and enjoying the 360° videos scattered across the mountain, the users learn about the most important hazards and obstacles on the track and gain insight and knowledge that will greatly improve their enjoyment of the actual racing event.

red bull erzberg AR
red bull erzberg AR